Vitashine ProBiotix Passion Fruit Drink with BB536

Ingredient & Benefits

•       Bifidobacterium longum BB536 Passion Fruit

-  Patented human strain and Japan’s best-selling probiotic

-  One of the most potent strain of probiotic with superior stability

-  Able to retain unrivalled 80% of its potency beyond its shelf life

-  Remarkably improves your digestive function to its optimum level, thus alleviates constipation and diarrhoea problems

-  Clinically proven to potentiate one’s immune system to ward off infections

•       Galacto-oligasaccharides (GOS)

-  Prebiotic that acts as the food source for beneficial bacteria found in the colon

-  Reaches large intestine unchanged as soluble fiber to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria

-  Boosts immunity against common infections

•       Passion Fruit

-  Rich source of powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C, carotene and cryptoxanthin for strengthening of one’s immune system

-  Eliminates free radicals that are linked to potential cancerous cells mutation

-  Improves one’s blood circulation due to its high iron and copper content


Suitable For:

•       Diarrhoea or constipation

•       Infants or children suffering from common cold or allergic rhinitis

•       People suffering from side effects when taking antibiotic

•       Elderly with weakened immune system

•       Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers

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